In August 2016, I completed the Theater Production; 'Airport Tales' for Void RoomTheatrics.  This was a paid position.  I had the Lead doing the Character of Evalina who was 90 years old.  I had two weeks to memorize 50 pages out of the 53 including rehearsals and the third week was performances.  This was my biggest challenge and my first for being the Lead in a  theater production.  It was a great challenge and a wonderful learning experience including having the joy of working with wonderful and experience theater actors

June 2016, I was selected again for the Wildsound Film Festival as Reader of Character Roles in 3 short films and 1 long feature film.  I got to use various voices and had fun doing it.

February 2016, all Cast Members including myself had to do an ADR for Chasing Tails shot last year.  They got a new and better quality Sound System. Too, I've been elected as ACTRA Toronto Union Secretary for AABP Caucus.  This is a 2 year Volunteer Position.

Year 2015, I've been involve in two films.  The first one was 'Chasing Tail' doing the Principal Role of Patricia who was the pet sale's clerk.  I have finished up the year with the film 'Seniors.  In this particular film I was one of the Daycare Workers.  This was an Actor's Role.

On October 14, 2014 to April 2015, I worked for  Ryerson as a Simulation Actress for the Law Program supported by the Canadian Law Society.  Actors are involve in cases where they become the character of the person in the case.  It's all improvisation with the Lawyer and others making sure all details are cover in the case.  This is for the Lawyer's Arbitration.   I was on a call basis.

March 28, 2014, I joined the ACTRA Union as an AABP Member.  However, I have done much more than Background.  I achieved Lead Roles in Film/Television and Theater down to Actor's Roles as well as doing other types of acting.

January 2014, I was in a short film 'The Letter'. Hopefully the production will be presented in festivals and maybe in other venues..  It has two powerful roles with a good message.   I played the Lead Role of Mrs. Davies who's a grieving mother from the lost of her daughter to suicide.   Kayla Perrin is the  Director, Writer, and Producer of this film.  She's a successful and established writer. 

I've done readings for 'Wildsound Film Festival' and 'We Make Movies'.  Most of my readings have been with 'Wildsound Film Festival'.  I have been a Narrator for many as well as reading roles for them.  You can view my work on You Tube on the Wildsound's site.  You have to know the titles of the scripts I was involved with.  They're on my resume.

At the end of the second week of May 2013, I finished doing the theatrical production of 'Twelfth Night' of an all female cast.  I did the role of Sir Toby.  I found this role challenging in that I had the most memorized lines I have ever had to know, though I've had some leading roles, speaking the Shakespearean language, having to play a man, and it has been quite a long time I've been on stage.  Doing this production I learned some great acting lessons, achieved my challenge, and gave me a greater appreciation for Shakespeare.  It was nice to get some favorable comments from the audience and to be back on stage.

Most of my acting background has been in Film and Television, but I've also done Stage Theater, Dinner Theater, some photography as an actress, some readings, and a radio drama.  I did acting in my younger days working with the professionals and then I had to give it up for quite some years. Being back at it again, I'm finding it challenging.  In summary my Non-union credits have been a lot of lead roles and for Background I've done a lot working directly with the Leads or by myself in front of the camera.  I was Featured many times.   I am striving to move forward in my acting care

My interests are in the arts of different mediums, hearing people's stories, and exploring new sights.  My background in work has been mostly in retailing, but in my younger days I was a Nurse's Aide with some nursing background.  I'm a Volunteer working with stroke patients and Secretary for the Toronto ACTRA AABP Caucus.

I continue to work enhancing my acting the best I can and always look forward to the next and new opportunity.

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